For the past year, I have focused my studio practice on exploring printmaking, specifically lithography. I have been working with David Wolfe of Wolfe Editions in Portland, ME.

For this series of lithographs I make marks by placing my finger on the top of the drawing implement and pushing down and away, resulting in a “flicked” line on the litho stone that I could not otherwise draw repeatedly. The abstract drawings that then are printed are made up of both intentional and unpremeditated lines. The process is additive. I do not erase errant lines. The resultant images are subject to chance within the parameters that I set up for each session. In this series of prints, I have referenced the grid as if the ink was woven into the fabric of the paper only to veer off the grid as an imperfect pattern. In all of the prints, I seek to make the surface resonate, as if it is sound or noise, not merely an image or recording of sound or noise.